Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Activity

Leaving for the temple at 2:30 a.m

At the temple, still dark out!

The great lunch afterward!

Getting his Christmas parcels

The other Elders that slept at our place 2 nights and traveled with us

Our Zone!

Baptism of Pablo


December 18, 2012

Hello familyyy.

all is well in Guatemala,
it wasn't day of the dead, but it was the burning of the devil day, which is what i think you meant. yes lots of devils burnt, i didnt have my camera, but i have pictures of it from last year, lots of firecrackers and fireworks and all that good stuff.

So this week we had a baptism, Pablo was baptized. it was a small but nice service, i ended up baptising him, thats what my companion wanted even though it was his first baptism, but yea it was good.

Tomorrow is changes, but im staying here with my companion, so there's no changes for me.
I talked to a guy named Jonathan Ruiz this week, funny, ive already talked with an Amanda Ruiz here as well ha.

Also we are teaching two people, from separate families, one is a young woman named Helaman, and the other is a young man named Nephi. neither are members, but with names like that they should be. were working on it.

So we had a great Christmas activity last week, got up super early, actually we had a sleep over with elder Tanner and elder Mcmillan in our house, got up at 2 30 the next morning, had a good time in the temple, them went to a chapel and ate great food, played sports, had a fireside by President and Sister Brough, and then ate more food, then got back to our house at 8 40 at night, had another sleepover, and then got back to work.

I actually got my Christmas packages already, but i haven't opened them yet, im going to wait till Christmas, great willpower hey?
also the Broughs gave each of us a mini spanish preach my gospel, so i no longer need one, thank you!

I have no idea what wrap thing your talking about, but maybe something called Baleadas, there actually from honduras, but yea, i donno ha.

Thats so nice of you sending packages off to some friends of mine, there should be a package arriving soon for you guys, i sent it a couple weeks ago, let me know when you get it.

oh also in the pictures you sent me there was a bunch of things referring to calgary as the yyc i think? is that the airport? i don't remember. who knows.

so our attendance lowered to 6 this week, but we hope to get it back up to 10 ish next week. we are still looking good for january, to meet our goals, we are having some problems with 2 youth that we are going to baptize real soon, their father doesn't want to give them permission, but we plan on bringing with the dvd of finding faith in christ for a christmas gift and know him a little better, and hopefully he'll change his mind,

so next week i will be writing on the monday, 24th, and i will give you my phone number then.

all is good in Guatemala, i still hold my record on never pooping my pants, although about an hour ago i came real close, luckily there was a gross bathroom on the side of the road that i could pay to use, as i couldn't have made in another block to the house haha. im sure you want to know that, but every other white missionary that I've talked to has pooped their pants.
your sons a trooper.

heres some pictures of the christmas activity, the baptism, and my district and my zone.

Love you all tons!!
write you and talk to you soon!
from guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkinsito xoxo

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