Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Such a Great Week! and A trip to Panajachel

At Panajachel.  Lake Atitlan (the Waters of Mormon)
Cool Jacket I bought in Panajachel
This is my Calendar.  You can make any calendar church themed with cut outs from the Liahona! ha
September 11, 2012
Hey Family. 

Sounds like your doing good. cool little jeep, that'll be fun in the summer, good that the bathroom is done, its just normal? so that means no steam shower? no heated floor? no double shower head? oh well..... it will definitely be better than what i have now... cold shower that sand falls out of, cement walls, floor, very little light... it is better that what most people in my area have though...

Well, my week was... busy. It was actually one of the best weeks number-wise that I've had in my mission. I don't know if I've sent you pictures of the inside of the little house that was transformed into a chapel, but we had 81 people there this week, we basically didn't fit. There is plans to build a new chapel though. 14 of these people were investigators, yes we had 14 investigators attending church. It was awesome. Had some confirmations of the 2 that we baptized last week, and President Brough came to our branch to do the interview of Barney... and... He's good to go! We are planning on baptizing him on the 22nd. His mom and brother were so excited too, so we challenged them to baptism, and it looks like they are going to be baptized with Barney. They are only home on weekends so this past weekend, and this upcoming one we are going to have to teach them like crazy. Two lessons each day at least. But its good.

We have another 2 men that we are working with, they have the goal for the 22nd, but they are a little bit tougher. But were working hard with that, and hopefully well be able to get them to receive the remission of their sins on the 22nd as well.

I sent you another picture of my journal entry about it too.

Yesterday we went to Panajachel for pday as a zone. It was pretty cool. I basically just got some stuff for you guys to send home in the package I'm planning on sending.  We'll have to go there when I'm done my mission. Theres a few pictures of me overlooking the lake. Lake Atitlan, also known as the waters of Mormon. thats what the myth is.
We basically were in a crowded minivan from 9 till 5, with a time of an hour and a half in between of being in Panajachel. I don't know if it was that worth it.

Today is September 11th, also known as my half birthday. Mayble I'll treat myself to half an icecream cone. that also means that today is Carlys bday, so felicitaciones to her as well.

oh heres something funny that happened.... so i was sleeping in my hammock, the awesome one that i got custom made. and i woke up at midnight and what do you know, theres a tarantula on my leg. i freaked out and it crawled away real quick. I obviously couldn't just keep sleeping there, so i got down and got into bed under my bug net. but yeah, now i can say i woke up with a tarantula on me. ayyyy...

also, how do you make egg salad sandwiches? what else besides eggs are it it? I do not know, but I sure do like them.

well, Thats all i got for you this week. we're still working hard to get more baptisms to complete the goal of 300 this month.

To answer grandmas question i didn't get the package yet. i probably wont until next change. But I 'll get it eventually.

Well. I love you all. keep on keeping on. and keep on the classy.

From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkins

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