Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ashes and Lava!!

This is Volcano Fuego, taken a month ago.  It would let out puffs of smoke every once in a while, little did they know it was a pressure cooker brewing.  It erupted September 13 and Tanner got to watch.
This is a picture of Tanner in his 2nd area where he served right by the
Volcano Fuego (Sept/11 - Jan/12)

Volcano Fuego Erupts 40 miles from me Thurs. Sep. 13
At night we could see the lava pouring down
Time to buy a new umbrella

September 18, 2012

Buenas Dias family!!

haha I knew that you'd know about the volcano eruption already. It was pretty awesome. We were planning our day in the morning, and i got a call from the zone leaders and they told me to go out to see if we were far enough away to be able to go out and work, and i said that i thought we were, so then they called the President back and he said that my district could work. But there were many missionaries that couldn't go out for the morning. My 2nd area was super super close to that volcano, but in the area that I'm in now, I was close enough to get an awesome view, but far enough away to be able to work and far enough that the ash didn't get all the way to my little town. In the morning you could just see a huuuuuge cloud of volcanic ash coming from the volcano, and then that night, you could see lava shooting up from the volcano. Heres some pictures that i took, and some pictures of the newspaper the next day.
it was super cool, cuz since the beginning of my mission I've been saying that i want to see a volcano erupt, and what do you know, i did.

Thats cool that Vicki is going to temple square haha. but you know what they say, all the best looking missionaries go there. Thats also why they sent me as far away as they could from temple square.

so those pictures of the temple are pretty cool, looks like its just about ready to open! exciting.

and oh great, when i get back my eyes are going to hurt from seeing so many neon pants. has time been moving backwards up there since I've been in Guatemala? are we back in the 80s?

The young hip guatemala style when i got here was bright colored neon shirts with pictures of smurfs on them. right now the style is big neck neons shirts, so that one shoulder is sticking out, with elmos face on it. its so stupid haha. thank goodness i was grown in Canada.

that would be cool if you get an invitation to the temple open house over to Katy, tell her i say hi and i hope shes doing great!

So the other day my umbrella broke from the strong rain and wind, and i got SOAKED so i just had to take a picture of it ha. 

So Barney, his mom and brother are all ready for their baptism on saturday. we had to teach two lessons a day to the mom and brother since they are only here on weekends and we wanted to get them baptized asap, but they are excited, so this week I should have 3 baptisms. cool stuff. The Lord has been blessing us as we have also found 2 other families that are super PILAS! or in other words, are super AWESOME!
its looking like they will be baptized, but not until october we are planning.

well, i love you all tons, hope you are all doing great.

i know that i have 2 packages in the office waiting for me, so i just gotta wait until a conference or something, but they're there.
love ya all, choose the right!
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

Newspaper Clippings - 33,000 were evacuated

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