Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rain Rain and more Rain! & Wedding Stresses

Ready for the daily downpours!
Wasn't prepared this day, got soaked even though we bought garbage bags to try and keep dry
Happy Canada Day!

First a Wedding.....

And then a Baptism
A Very Happy Family
July 3, 2012
Hey family!!

well I'm glad you liked those videos, my spanish wasn't very good back then when i did them, a few mistakes i think, but its all good. ive taken a few nice videos on my new card, but they're kinda too big to send over the computer, you'll just have to wait.

Well that sound great that your getting the backyard into nice working order, it will be nice to come back to a nice backyard, instead of a backyard that i have to fix haha. and the bathroom? when are you gonna get that done?? haha just kidding, hey you could just leave all the garbage this next year in the backyard and bathroom and it would be nicer than some of the ones here, but im glad that i have the chance to be in humble conditions.

yeahh, to answer your question i bought all that stuff in a place not in my area, we had to go to the dentist for my comp,btw they gave me a free teeth cleaning, so on the way back we had to pass buy it, and we needed to buy food, so it was quicker to go there quickly than have to come back to our area and walk all the way to the supermarket.

in the next package that you send me it would be great to get a new laundry bag, the same type, cuz mine is ripping, and not in great condition. also send me one of those japanese paper folding fans. that would be great actually, maybe it sounds a little gay that I'm asking for that, but it would be fantastic. also send me a nice canadian flag pin., maybe a canadian flag haha, but don't send me too too much, cuz my bags are getting full, and I still have so much candy.

So yes, we did manage to marry, and baptize that family this past weekend, and it looks like we might just baptize this weekend coming up too.
But let me tell you, it was the hardest wedding that I've pulled off, let me explain...
So the wedding was scheduled for saturday at 5:00 pm. at 8:30 am we get a phone call from the lawyer, and he tells us that he cant do the wedding anymore and that he was about to leave the city. AYAYAY. so after a few minutes of panicking, we called the elders that live closer to him and get them to run to his house to get all the documents that we already gave him that we need to marry them, and we call absolutely everyone and every lawyer that we know, trying to find one. Finally the Stake President who we had called found a guy for us, so we take like a 30 min bus ride to his house and get him the papers, he told us we needed some other papers as well, so we had to take a bus to the house of the family we were going to marry, get more documents, run over to the mall, get photocopies of them, and then run them back over to the lawyers house. As we were doing this it started to rain super super hard, and we didn't have our umbrellas so we just bought garbage bags, and still got soaked. But after all, we had the wedding, not too many people came cuz it was still raining unfortunately, but we got them married, and baptized, and happy. The wife was already a member, so we didn't baptize her of course.

The next day i woke up a little sick with a cold and cough from getting wet, so i decided to put on all my great rain gear and also my umbrella so i wouldn't get more sick. (see pictures)
We didn't quite have a perfect week, as we needed 4 more investigators attending church, (we had four), but well see what we can do this next week thats coming.

Love you all tons!
keep things classy
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

Canada Day Fun

Another Wall Art Graffiti
A true Missionary's shoes!
Not so great in the rain!

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