Thursday, July 19, 2012

New District Leader - Advancing from Fleas in the City to Mosquitoes on the Coast

Buuuuuuenas Dias Querida Familia mia

So  first of all the backyard looks great, looks like a great place to hang out on a nice summers day, the only thing that I'm going to add to it is a hammock.

So yes, i guess you all know that I've been assigned as a district leader. its pretty good so far, i get to call everybody at night and see how they're doing, and try to motivate them. there isn't too much time for journal writing anymore, but I already got bored of that like 5 months ago. I just write the cool stuff when it happens. but yeah, i haven't even used all of the journal paper that I came with, and grandma has sent me like 600 extra sheets of it already, but just so ya know, I'm all good and won't need anymore haha.

But yeah, I now get to act as a judge of Israel, and interview people for baptism, which is a big responsibility, I haven't done one yet, but next week I think I have 2. and I just finished my first district meeting, it was pretty good.

Sooooo. I am now in the hot hot hot coast, in a tiny little town with  a tiny little branch.  The town name is Ceiba Amelia, but dont try looking it up on a map, cuz its not there, its kinda close, just south to a small town called democracia, if that's not on the map either, it's south of a town called siquinala. I'm not actually on the ocean though, but it's still the coast area.

Some say that the house I'm in in the worst house in the mission, but I don't see why,
It's sometimes like I'm at the beach cuz sand comes out of the shower as well as well with the unheated cold water, I'll never be cold like I was in the mountains, in fact it gets up to 110 Fahrenheit or 43 Celsius inside the house (my comp has a thermometer), I'll never be alone, cuz I have like 100 mosquitos to keep me company, i don't need a hair dryer, cuz the fan that I use to cool down feels just like one, my eyes will never hurt from too much light, cuz there's hardly any in the house. hahaha, but yeah its not too bad, I've got things pretty much figured out.

I'm super glad i brought a mosquito net, but I'm not too sure how to use it, I think I have it inside out cuz it just seems to keep the mosquitos in with me.

My new companion is Elder Brandon Haefner. he's a Gringo. he's from St Louis. Its his third change in the mission, aka he's pretty new, just finished his training.

The church attendance down here is a little low, there's a little branch that is in my district that only about 25 people are there each week. at my branch there were about 50 people, and 2 dogs, one of the dogs was actually in each class and sacrament meeting with us. or in other words, 4% of the attendance are dogs.

There's this dog named Chave that is a member's dog, but basically the missionary's dog, he follows us absolutely everywhere, he even enters into people's yards and houses when we go to teach lessons, we try not to let him in, but he always finds a way, then just curls up under our chairs and sleeps as we teach. he was there sleeping outside of our house when we got up to go this morning too, (see picture)

The other day i saw one of the volcanoes erupt. it was super cool. it just shot up a ton of smoke. but cool.

My area is close to a sugar plant, the brand name Magdalena. a sugar band. they export to the States and Canada tons of sugar. almost everyone here working for them. also a lot of bananas from here go up to the states and Canada, the brands Del Monte, Chiquitita, and dole, if it says Guatemala on it, it comes from close to where i am.

Before I forget, me last bishop, Bishop Monroy told me to say to my dad that he says I am a great missionary haha, i thought that was funny, so i said I'd tell him that.

I did get the package, the shoes are great. I liked the picture of Madi drinking milk in a bag, cuz basically all their drinks here are in bags like that too. she's just like me!

Well, if you haven't sent the package yet, you should send me some Crystal Light packages. Parker sent me one in a letter haha, and i drank it and it a delicious! great guy.

Also look on the internet to see if there a cheap effective way to get rid on mosquitos. I bought some poison and stuff, spent a ton of money on it, and it seemed to control them for now. I just couldn't stand the mosquitos haha. also send me some after bite please, I've only got a bit left.

but yes, I'm good, here in the coast, sweating like a dog. I have a cold shower every night when i get home. I never thought I'd like cold showers before.

Well, I tried to send a bunch of photos, but it didn't work, i think you'll be able to go only my sent mail and get them that way. they're uploaded onto my account.

One is me and Elder Clifton, the elder from Magrath and just went home from his mission, one of me saying goodbye to Alberto Acebedo, one of the tiny little tin roof church here, the dog Chavo, inside my house, and a picture of my area.

Also sometimes the ward buys the wedding cakes and flowers, something the missionaries have to. i had to spend 300 Q on a lawyer last time.

The last wedding and baptism was of the family Manuel, the man's name is James. Grandma wanted to know

Well, i love you guys tons! Keep it classy, I know you always are ;)

From Guatemala with love,
Elder Hopkins

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