Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Grass IS greener on the other side.. ha ha

My companion had to go to the Dentist outside of my area and look what we found!!
A store that sells American Food with Caffeine Free Dr.P so I could drink it!!!
(mission rules are no caffeine), it was INCREDIBLE, I hadn't drinkin Dr. P in over a year! 

Wearing holes into my shoes.. not much grip left either!

Hey Family, June 26, 2012

So I don't have too much time to write today, cuz this computer is really really crappy and slow, and I've had to restart it twice already.

The Black fabric is Corte, The typical clothes of the guatemalas woman, you wrap it around yourself and its a skirt. wear it to church and see what people say.
i didn't get to send you a corte belt to go along with it though. The pants and shorts anyone that wants to wear them and use them can, the jeans i never ever wore, not even for service, and i want them for after the mission, and the shoes I found for like 6 dollars, and are really nice shoes, so keep those safe. I hope you look at all the pictures off my memory card as well.
I didn't actually put the stamps on, i guess thats just the way they do it, i just gave the lady the package, paid, and was off haha.

So this week thats coming, this saturday, we are having a wedding, and a baptism, whooo! the work is paying off. its a really nice young family, the wife was an inactive member, but we activated her, and now we are going to baptize her husband, and we gotta marry them first. there two little kids are also the cutest little guatemalans too, I'll send you pictures next week.

Yesterday i spent all pday at the dentist, not for me, but for my comp. he had to get a wisdom tooth taken out. i watched 4 church movies, and there were some dentists from arizona volunteering there, who brought their daughter with them, so i just watched movies in the dentist office and talked to gringa girls all afternoon, it wasn't too too bad haha. And on the way home we stopped by a place that sells american food oh boy, it was awesome, see the picture for yourself. you might have to pay off my credit card. there was caffeine free dr P! so i could drink it! it was incredible, i hadnt drinkin dr p in over a year.

Also thats AMAZING that they now sell dr pepper bbq sauce at sobeys, why didn't they do that 2 years ago so i didn't have to order it over freakin EBAY!

This week we have a goal for a PERFECT WEEK
one baptism, one confirmation, 20 lessons, half with members present, 2 in house of members, 10 new investigators, and the hardest part 8 investigators in church
well see how it goes
today i have divisions so i wont even be in my area
wish me luck

Well, thats all I've got time for, I think I forgot to wish dad a happy fathers day.. whoops, so I'll do it now, HAPPY FATHERS DAY PAPI!!

Love all ya guys, keep on the straight and narrow,
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins
A random church they passed by outside of their area.  It looks like the Statue is giving the "peace" sign

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