Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ughhh, it's been hard

Hey family.

This week has had its ups and downs. ughhhh, it's been hard.

But first I'll tell you the best part. So a couple weeks ago a member showed us where a less active member lives, so we have been teaching her, and her non member husband. We put a date for their baptism for the 29th of this month. We just need to marry them first, and her husband has to come to church once more. Investigators usually have to come to church 3 times before being baptized, but this guy has to work every second Sunday, (they are super super poor), so i phoned the president the other day, and he said that we can baptize him with only coming twice, and confirm him on his third as long as  the wife is coming to church alone when he has to work, so that there's good member support in their house. So she came to church this Sunday without him, so that was the best part.

The only problem was that she was about the only person that were teaching that came to church. This week as a mission we had a goal of having 500 investigators in church as a mission, so i worked the hardest I have ever worked this week to bring people to church. I invited absolutely EVERYONE I passed by for investigators on Sunday, and assigned members to pass by for others. We visited many less active that have non members in their house, I did everything I could think of. and on Sunday, only ONE came, ONE. It was horrible! but at least this less active woman came so that we can baptize her husband on the 29th. I'd prefer that she came and no investigators, than 8 investigators, and not her, so that we can have this baptism on the 29th.

To top off this week, we basically have a fallen baptismal date with a different investigator. ughhh. We were going to baptize the 9 year old daughter of a part member family this Sunday the 17th, and the parents said that it was all good, and the daughter was super excited. Then her super Catholic grandfather moved in with them, and started talking, and convinced the mother that she shouldn't be baptized, and that her Catholic baptism is enough, and the fact that her daughter wants to be baptized is just an illusion.  We shared all that we could with her, but she still is saying no, we shared the scripture that says that if someone impedes one of Gods childs to come to him, that its better that they are thrown into the ocean to drown. I don't know the wording to that scripture in English, but basically that, a little strong, but that's what she needed. But we have an appointment with them tonight, and were going to bring the relief society president, who didn't want her daughter to be baptized either about a year ago when they were baptized, but that she repents of that decision now. We'll see how it goes.

Today in the afternoon we have a big conference with Elder Maynes of the 70 presidency, I think that's his name, a huge reunion with all of mission Central, also all of Mission South, and Mission North. it should be a great conference.

I haven't gotten any mail lately, just a letter from Katianne a few weeks ago. Yesterday I sent some stuff, a letter to Parker, just with the normal address, I'm sure it will get to him, one to Katianne, and also I sent a package to you guys, just a few things that i didn't want to carry around with me anymore, and some letters I have gotten, and a few things for you guys. Who knows when it will get there.

Your Question about the nurse, no she doesn't give any vaccinations, but Im sure if we actually needed one we could go to the mission doctor. basically we just call her when were sick and she tells us to take Pepto Bismol. and occasionally shell tell us to take something else if we need it.

The photos I sent you are of the following:
We learned how to make Flour tortillas one day, and we made a food from Honduras that's called baleadas, deliciouse. i was pretty good at it actually haha, all the practice from Dominos ha.
Just some parrot of some less active members
Me and my comp with the girl that we were going to baptize, maybe we'll still baptize her.
It was also Elder Reeder's Birthday, an elder that shares that ward with us, we had birthday cake, and of course the Guatemala tradition continues, you got a take a little bite out of the cake, and when you do it, someone shoves your face into it. I had the pleasure this time haha.
and also we played soccer yesterday as a zone, and this elder was wearing this Canada shirt, that apparently the other Canadian elder, Elder Clifton, from Magrath, gave him. so we took a picture with our Canadian shirts.

Well, that's all for his week. Love you all tons, keep on enduring to the end,
Until next time
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Tanner Hopkins

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