Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still some tough times, but great Conference with the 70

At the Conference with Elder Brett Payne from Balzac, Kathy and Ken Payne's son, who is serving in the North Mission

With Elder Jake Asdell, a pro skate boarder

With Elder Chason, the tallest Elder in the mission

June 19, 2012

Heyyyy Family, hows it goinggg

This week was a little better than last week, but can always be better, and thats what we're always fighting for.
We did have a few investigators in church, and put a few goals with some people for baptismal dates which has been good.
This family that the mom isn't letting her daughter be baptized, we're still working with them, they came to church and everything, we have a lesson with them in the house of the bishop tonight, so hopefully all goes well there, we have faith that she will be baptized, but in the time of the Lord, not our time.
Me and my comp have had our differences this week, just gotta have patience though, he just doesn't want to progress as a missionary,  as a person, he wont do things that will help him grow, which has been a little hard, but alli a poco a poco we're getting things going.

so crazy that Sam Turner and Kris Reed are both home from their missions! It seems like yesterday that i was hanging out with the two, just making mischief, I wish them luck in their new mission to find a wife haha.
Great that parkers fighting along in the MTC. Theres lots of discouraging days there, but you just gotta  keep fighting. His goggles might be on, but also all the temple square sisters go to the mtc, so that might be part of it. it may seem like a jail at times, but a jail with soo much great food, no one really appreciates it until their in the field. here in my mission, we don't eat too much haha, just work work work. But I'm basically the same weight as  I was when I left I'm pretty sure, i haven't weighed myself in a little bit, but I'll do it next time i get a chance.

I actually met that lady who's living in antigua, (Sister Gainor) I talked to her a little bit at  change meeting, she drove the sister missionaries to it.  A nice lady, I didn't have too much time to talk to her, but yeah, I met her once.

This last week we had the conference with Elder Maynes of the presidency of the 70, it was  great talk that he gave . there were like 5 members of the 70 there, the whole area presidency, and another one, i don't know who it was. but yeah, there were missionaries from two other missions there, so i met Elder Payne from Balzac and took a picture with him, and also saw my buddies from the ccm that went to other missions, I took a picture with Elder Jake Asdell as well, whose like a pro skateboarder haha, a pretty cool guy. also a picture of me and Elder Chason, the tallest Elder in the mission ha. and a picture of me and my trompo, a little top thing, with the cool holder it came with haha jk.

Thats too bad to hear that Sawyer died, he was one of my friends from efy.
Your question about fleas and BU? (slang for diarrhea, the missionaries all call it, stands for butt urine) well yes, ive had them both this week. dangg... I woke up with 22 flea bites on my hip, with a little bit of blood on my underwear from each one, but I've pretty much got the situation under control right now, and last night I woke up with a sick stomach and BU, but I'm feeling a little better right now. Its just one of the many little joys of the mission.
also I'm never too cold here in the capital even though its rainy season, the mountains is where its cooooold.

We've got some new goals for the mission, one of the big ones is... this september... 300 baptisms as a mission. when i got here a good month was like 150 baptisms. The Lord is doing wonders through his servant President Brough. when we reach this goal, were gonna be like one of  the highest baptizing missions in the world or something. something like that I was told, but pretty cool hey. we gotta work HARD, como BURROS

Well, my time is just about up. send me a picture of Kris Reed too next week.
Pray for my investigators, even though i might not have mentioned who they all are.
Keep on perserverando.
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

Me and my trompo, a little top thing with the cool holder it came with, ha ha, jk

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