Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Wedding!

Hello. I don't know what to even say hahaha.
MOSCOW RUSSIA what theee heck? hahahhaha That's awesome. I almost can't believe it. I had a dream before I got my call that I was going to Russia, I thought it would be sick, now Parker's gonna get to live it. That will be an interesting language to learn, harder than Spanish I imagine. He's gonna be in the MTC for 12 weeks then, and he's gonna get fat from the food! haha oh boy Parker! I still wish he was going to be learning Spanish so we could talk after, but we'll just have to find a way to communicate between Spanish and Russian. but way to go Parker!!! I love ya man!! Send Parker my love and my congratulations

My companion has been out exactly 12 weeks less than i have.  Hmmm, the people in my District.... the district leader is Elder Carlson, there's Elder Archibold, Elder Reeder, Elder Grijalba, Hermana Flores, and Hermana Muñoz. My zone leaders are Elder Flores, and Elder Morgan. Those are the people I have most contact with.

Yes, we were in Antigua last week. The nachos weren't actually that great, The nachos in the C.O.P. lounge are better, or at Kicking Horse ha.

And yeah, the fleas are kinda back, but I washed my sheets and they kinda went away. but I'm getting used to having bug bites all over my body.

So this week we were able to marry this family! Yeaaaa! After a lot of trouble finding their papers, we were able to marry them last minute, and we had a great wedding, they were both so happy and are excited to now be baptised.
The only thing now is that  we probably aren't going to be able to baptize them in between sessions of General Conference, it might have to be after at like 7, or the next Sunday. The thing is is that he has to work this Sunday, and he has only come to church 2 times, and he has to come 3 times before being baptised. We are having the bishop write a card to his boss so he can have the day off, but if he can't, he is going to try to come to the priesthood session on Saturday, and if he can it will count as going to church, so he will be baptised on Sunday night, but if he can't come at all this weekend, we are going to have to wait until the next Sunday. They both do want to be baptised, it was funny, we had a lesson with them last night(where we gave them a bunch of pictures from their wedding that I had printed out too), but after the lesson we invited them to some family home evenings that we have planned with the members, so that they can come to the members houses for a lesson, (including the stake president) and then he said ´¨and these don't count so that I can be baptised this Sunday?? It was kinda funny, but yeah, they are excited to be baptised.
but I'll let you know next week what the whole deal with that is.

Well I'm still shocked about Parker's call haha, thats crazyyy, I was not expecting that one. I'm excited to hear where Tyler Johnson will be going.

wow... Russia haha

From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

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