Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pizza Hut and I can touch my toes!

We went to Pizza Hut yesterday as a zone and I ate hot wings for the first time in so long and they were sooo good!

March 6, 2012
Hey Familyyy
que tal estan?

well, i guess I'll answer your questions first haha.
Transfers are tomorrow, but nothing is happening with me, me and my companion are both staying in our area together.
hmmm, in my package, just send me some photos, and some corn nuts, and some 5 cent candys, and I should be good. oh also i have like that whole thing of q-tips that you sent me still. i only use 2 a day, and you sent me like 500, so i think I'm set. I have eaten a couple of the noodles, but i still have a bunch, and candy. oh, something that i want... is a pair of grey golf pants... an elder in my district only brought golf pants with him, and they are super thin and cool for this hot weather. i think a pair of those would be awesome. I'm like a 33 waist. you guys are awesome.

The entire family, of the family “V” didn't come to church, but the wife and daughter did. Just yesterday she called the relief society president, and said she wanted to tell her something, we have a great relationship with the rs pres, so we're hoping its good news, and we'll find out tonight. But the familia “S” came to church this sunday, and loved it, tonight we are going to try to put a baptismal date with them for the 1st of april.
it was a testimony meeting this sunday, but i didn't bear mine, the last month I did though.

Yes we drink lots of water, and don't get sunstroke. They sell water and juice in bags here, so i usually buy a one quet bag of Tampico juice which is super good.
Yes, I wear shorts on p-days but only when I play sports, just normal missionary clothes when I'm out in public.
I write my mission president in a combination of english and spanish, and my comp doesn't know hardly any english.

The area i felt safest in was probably when i was in the mountains. Theres been a bunch of people killed here in my area since I've been here, and the other day we walked past a man that had just been shot in the arm at like 2 in the afternoon. But don't worry, I feel safe, nothing is going to happen to me, its just the people into drugs that have problems.
also we're kinda friends with a guy thats respected by all the gangs, so he's got our backs haha.

also we bought like 3 cakes for people this week, one for a members b-day that always comes to appointments with us, and 2 for members that do a lot for us. The have a tradition here that you gotta take a bite out of the corner of the cake, and whenever they do that, someone always pushes their face into the cake, we had fun with that, my face might be covered in cake next week...

Also I did something for the first time in my life this week. I touched my toes while standing up without bending my knees! I was pretty happy. I'm working on my flexibility a poco a poco. also I bought protein powder the other day with my credit card, so you might wanna go pay that off.
also yeah, my glasses were in two payments, so thats what those payments are, kinda pricey, but they were just too nice to forget about.
am about out of time now!!
love you guys tons!
keep it classy
Love Elder Hopkins
My District
My Zone

Celebrating Birthdays with members
Having Family Home Evening with a family
We are always sooo tired after eating lunch! Wish we could have a Siesta!
There is a school here called the School of Canada, I don't know why its called that, it has no association with Canada I'm pretty sure, but a member girl had to make that poster for homework

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