Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 13, 2012 
 Elder Hopkins 20th Birthday TODAY!   - so nice to have his email day land on his actual birthday!
Special Birthday Breakfast made by the ward's Relief Society President
 Gift from the ward's Relief Society President

The Sister Missionaries made cupcakes for their district meeting meeting today to celebrate his birthday

Hey Family
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. its been a good birthday so far, the relief society president made us a good breakfast, and gave me a little gift of candies and deodorant, and then at district meeting the sisters made cupcakes for my birthday, we'll see what other birthday surprised are in store for me.
Those pants sound like they will be fine, im not too too sure about the 32 waist though, wondering if 34 might be better, I could always get them sewed for like 2 dollars, but it might be harder if they are a little too tight but i donno, sometimes 32 fits me great, sometimes not, it depends on the pants, but you can compare them to my pants that i have in my closet, my grey church pants, if they're the same its all good, if they're smaller, maybe 34 would be better.
ummm for my plaque, i don't really like the picture of me in front of the volcano haha i donno just find any old pic.
thanks crazy that kent lost 50 pounds. thats like a third of me.
ummm the familia “S” still doesn't have a baptismal date, we have an appointment with them tonight, we challenged them last lime we went, but they didn't give us an answer yet. well see what happens tonight.
But the sister of Hermana “V” (a different sister) has also been coming to church, and we kinda changed out focus to them this week, and taught her husband for the first time, who works at walmart. The fact that he works at walmart doesn't have to do with anything, but i just wanted to throw that in there. But we challenged her to baptism, and we have a baptism date with her the 1st of april. We have a goal as a mission to baptize 100 people in between the two sessions of general conference this day, so this will be our contribution, and hopefully her husband will be ready in time, and maybe the family “S”.
This family “A” also needs to get married before being baptized, but there are no problems there, they already told us that they would be married. so we are planning a wedding and everything for them on the 24th of march. so we do have some work to do.

Thats awesome about President Miller haha, this man is PILAS.(told him the story of how Pres. Miller went back to his mission in Brazil this last December (40 years later) and ended up teaching their taxi driver and getting him baptized before they left)

thats aweseome that Parkers papers are in, am excited to hear where he goes. I'm rooting for Guatemala Central. Whooo!!!

Well i love you all so much, thanks again for remembering me on my birthday,
love your viejito son,
Elder Hopkins
 Nice to see he is eating so well, while serving in the Capital!

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