Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday Celebrations! Success in last area confirmed!

What a lovely cake they got him!
A tradition in Guatemala, you take a bite out of the corner of your cake, and they push your face into it!
 Such kind and giving people.. the presents they got him

March 20, 2012
Buenas Dias Familia Mia.

Yeah so my birthday was good last week, a member lady bought a cake for me, and her and her daughters even got me presents haha, it was great. some chocolates and a guatemalan soccer jersey. and yes,the tradition continued and i did get my face smashed into the cake. but it was actually a really good cake, so i was happy to have my face submerged into it. You will notice from the picture with the cake that everyone has a really hard time with my name.  Unfortunately our best appointment for the day of my birthday fell, which was a bummer. but it was a good birthday.

hmmm, well I'm so excited about Parkers call, anybody else have there papers in, or calls? I'll be excited to read next weeks email. Go Guatemala Central!

Thats exciting that Jeremy Stanford might be in the mtc with David Archaletta. But it doesnt sound like he's too excited about it, but after listening to his christmas cd with the motab over and over again, I think I would be just as excited as the sister missionaries. I guess you don't know where he is actually going yet....Once again, Go Guatemala Central!

So we have this family “A” that was going to be married this friday, and then baptized on the 1st of April. We just need to go to this place called RENAP to take out some of their papers, but the systems here in Guatemala are so horrible, that they haven't been able to take out their papers, and some of the RENAPs are out of their special paper to print it on, and a bunch of dumb excuses. But we are working hard to get their papers, so that they can at least be married before April 1st so they can be baptized on this date. they are super excited for their wedding, and baptism, so we gotta work hard to make it happen.

Also yesterday we went to Antigua for pday, and i went and talked to a member from my last ward that works in the market there, and he said the kids from that family DID get baptized, and the familia “Az” that I found and started teaching are coming to church and are going to be baptized soon. yaa! its good to know I planted some good seeds, but sad that I'm not there for the harvest.

Something that might be good in my package is nibs licorice, corn nuts of coarse, maybe like 2 pairs of socks, what would be awesome is black smart wool socks from like that sports store Atmosphere up by costco. and the best always is letters and pictures. I can't think of anything else, but if I can I'll tell you next week, so don't send it until after we write next week.

Well thats all i can think of to tell you this week, love you all tons.
have a fun vacation, cuidado with all the maldad in Las Vegas.

love elder Hopkins
YUM!  Nachos in Antigua (the Tourist Town), with another Elder from his District
The beautiful sites of Antigua

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