Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Baptism, and my Personal Progress

Married Last Week, Baptized this week, Pable Argueta and his wife

April 3, 2012
Hola Familia!!

Yes this conference weekend was great! Conference weekend is always such a great weekend. i cant believe that a year ago i was right there with all my cuates. (friends) And yes, to answer your question I did see David Archeleta there on screen. Only one other Elder here likes him, so we talked a little about it haha. no homo. On Saturday we went and I ate Little Ceasars in between the first two sessions, then before priesthood we went to some restaurant with some other elders but I wasn't ant really hungry, but I ordered a chicken drumstick and a chocolate milkshake. The chicken was so so small, and the milkshake was more like chocolate milk. (see picture) but in these situations you just gotta think about it as, the chicken was less than a dollar, so in north american terms it would be cheap, but here, a little expensive for so little food. ha. On sunday we went to a persons house to eat lunch, not a member, but her kids are members. It was super super hot in this tiny lamina house, with the fire right next to us, but it was super super nice for this super poor family to make us lunch. (see picture)

Yes, the man we were teaching was able to come to the priesthood session, hence forth, he was baptized on sunday night. It was a great service, we did it as a stake, and there was a lot of people there, so everyone was in the chapel, and we filmed and projected the baptisms to the chapel so everyone could see, a little different, but thats what the stake president wanted to do. The great thing is that their niece saw their baptisms, we have been teaching her family, that's actually how we found the family that we baptized, is that we were teaching her sister first, but anyways, apparently she wants to be baptized now, and she is all ready, so maybe we'll have another baptism this saturday. We're not too sure yet, its just what a member who went and visited them told us. well see...

So the picture of the dog I sent you (see below)  is a dog that has a very common disease here called keote, or something like that, i don't know how to spell it. but its like leprosy for dogs, but a lot of dogs have it here, this dog has it really bad, so i decided to take a picture of it.  not to make you sad... just so you know what its like here in Guatemala.

Well you want to know how I've changed, since my mission is nearly half over, and what things I've realized since I've been out on my mission. One of the biggest I'll say is the truthfulness of Mosiah 2:41, people are so much happier by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've seen it in so many instances, and in my own life. This country is a messed up country I'll say, so many drunks on the street, always, so much iniquity and so much sin, and sadness and poverty. But everyone who is living the gospel is set apart from these things, and has true happiness. Another this is that before the mission i don't think I would have been able to mention a scripture like that off my mind, maybe from a lack of effort in seminary, but my understanding of the gospel is increasing, but thats just something natural that happens through study and prayer. Also prayer is something that has changed, it is not only something to do now, but rather its a privilege, and I enjoy praying. There's a few tiny things that I hope quenched your thirst for knowing how I am doing in this aspect of my life, what i am working on is just being a great friend to everyone you might say, developing attributes of Christ.

Well, this upcoming week is known to be the hardest week of the year for the mission, and will also be the hottest. Its Semana Santa, or holy week, where everyone that has catholic backgrounds, decides they are catholic, for this one week. Its basically Spring break for the entire country, but with a catholic twist, but everyone goes to the beaches, travels, and has big parties, basically this week no one is going to want to listen to us.

We have a recent convert family that used to preach and teach in their old evangelical church, they are really awesome, they have 8 months of being baptized, and the hermana (sister) is already the R.S. president. anyways, while contacting we found a lady that goes to their old church, and my comp mentions her name, and she lets us in to share a message. She seems really positive, the only problem is her Husband. He doesn't even go to church very often, but says that they already have a church, and doesn't believe in double baptism, and he didn't let his wife come to church with us this week even though she really wanted to. We haven't actually ever met her husband yet, but today we might have this opportunity, well see what happens.

also tell Brett that i love him, and that his beard is good. and i hope he grows one out, cuz thats definitely something I'm going to do when i get back from my mission. At night sometimes people ask me if i shaved in the morning cuz i guess my 5 o'clock shadow is getting fairly thick ha.

well, that was a pretty long email this week, i hope you enjoy it,
Until next time,
from Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins
A poor dog with the disease "keote"

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