Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Service Project in the Heat!

Making Pupusas! 
 Mist of the early morning means the day will be HOT!
Service Project
lowering 100 bricks into a ravine so a family could build a retaining wall

February 28, 2012
Hey FAmmmmm
how it going??
Sounds like everyone is doing good. me alegro. that would be awesome if we went to mexico for a week  when i finish my mission, just to relax ahhhh. ha but thats a long time away.
you didn't ask me tons and ons of questions this time, im a little shocked, and subsequently im not quite sure how to begin this email.

So this one family that we are teaching, they're not married and the wife doesn't want to cuz of the past problems.. bla bla bla, i think i told you this already, well we had a good lesson with them, with the bishop and his wife present as well, and the whole family came to church for the first time. Sacrament meeting had just started, and we were bummed cuz none of our investigators showed up, but after the opening prayer, this family walked in, the wife and he daughter, the sister, and then to my surprise the husband walk in behind them, this man works absolutely everyday, and never has a day off, but somehow he was able to come to church this day. they all said they liked it so I'm hoping that they will work out their problems, get married, and then baptized!

We had a little service project that we did as a district this week, at 7 in the morning we lowered down like 100 brick building blocks into a ravine so a family could build a retaining wall. afterwards the family made us breakfast, and we made pupusas! a dish from el salvador. its was pretty fun, so thats what those pictures are. it was really foggy that morning, but that just means that the day was going to be super super hot, and it was.

For pday yesterday we played some sports as a zone, and a got a little bit burnt. i understand why my neck and legs did, cuz they haven't seen sun for months, but i don't understand how my face did, cuz im under the hot sun everyday, usually with no sunscreen, but the sun beat me this time. but im fine.

Also something really really funny that i read yesterday, that I'm sure you guys already knew, and its old news for you. Well i got the Christmas card from the Steeles recently, and I looked at it again yesterday, and the "little error" on it, well I  just burst out laughing ha ha. also i loved the picture of parker yawnin on the back.

I'm glad that your all happy and healthy. Go and do some skiing dad.
everything is great here, it was raining a little bit this morning, but it will be hot this afternoon. eat those mango suckers, the little kids here love them! Locos

Until next week
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

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