Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 22: Transferred to the Mountains: houses made of dirt

My new companion, Elder Martinez, from Honduras

September 26, 2011  - Transferred to 2nd Area


Well the habits that I have developed like Dad is his morning routine. Like squishing things to put in the garbage, I don't know, stuff like that haha. Thats exciting so many people are all going on missions! and its exciting that Brendon and Zach leave so soon. The next change in my mission is the day that Brendon and Zach enter the MTC. How exciting! That's nice that dad is going to take Lincoln out for wings after the general Priesthood session next weekend, I wish I could come haha. But yeah I'm not too sure whats going to happen for General Conference, I'm excited though. We get to go to this place the church owns here that its like a big building and big fields that the church uses for youth camps and stuff. Hopefully well get to watch it in English and buy lots of food for it haha. well see.

Well.... You guessed it, I got transferred. I'm now in the Zone Chimaltenango, in a town called San Andres Itzapa. Its kind of up in the mountains, and everyone wears the typical native dress called Corte. A lot of people here speak cachiquel also, but luckily they speak spanish too. It's a little colder than my last area, more hilly, and there are absolutely no addresses! NO house numbers, NO street numbers. NADA! So its kinda hard to remember where someone lives. Also street contacting is very difficult cuz they just say "Yeah, I live over there, by a big pila (sink/fountain/clothes washing thing) and my house is made of dirt".

There's a lot of houses here made out of dirt but generally its more wealthy than my last area, there's some nice houses too.

My district leader told me that I'm sent here to help motivate my new companion, so we are going to work hard and have success. The people are different up here in the mountains, and it seems that they have a a little bit harder of heart, but we just gotta look for the chosen sheep here.

Oh also i got all those envelopes you sent me! whoohoo! The Taylor Swift t-shirt is my only prized possession I own here now. I wear it every morning and night. And I loved the card from Madison! Fantastic. and I haven't used the flea collars because in this area, there's no fleas! whoo hoo. But i will hang onto them in case I will need them in the future. Thanks so much for all!

hhmmmm what else to say. i feel like I'm relying a lot more on the Lord in this area, and growing for that. This area is hard, when i feel like we didn't have much success in a day, my comp says it was a very successful day for this area, but we are going to raise the standards here.

An experience I had yesterday, we were contacting all day, not having too much success. I was just thinking about what we can do different, and was carrying a prayer in my heart. As we passed a house, my companion told me that they contacted it before, and they didn't want to have anything to do with the missionaries, but all of a sudden, without even thinking, just following a feeling I had, I knocked on the door and a lady came by and immediately let us in. She has a boy that can't walk, his legs are like noodles, and he was pushing himself along the floor with his hands. We left a message about the resurrection, and how we will receive perfect bodies. It was the only lesson we had the whole day. Any little prompting from the Holy Ghost, we NEED to act on. Only with that we will be able to recognize the spirit of God with more clarity in our lives.

Well, i am well, and healthy. I love you all so much. keep it classy.
From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins

YESSS! i got my Taylor Swift tshirt!! and I love it more than you can imagine.

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