Monday, April 25, 2011

A special miracle!

Tanner with President and Sister Bancroft
President Bancroft is a counsellor in his MTC Branch Presidency- a special preview!

From Tanner's Mom:

So excited to find out that good family friends, Bill and Elsie Bancroft who work in the MTC in the  Branch Presidency, have Tanner's name on their list of who is being added to their group this Wednesday. They had no idea Tanner was even coming into the MTC until their daughter whom we visited with tonight told them. They thought they would go look up who is on their list, and there was Tanner's name. They are so excited to be able to take EXTRA special care of Tanner! and told me not to worry one bit! What a blessing!

This wonderful couple show up at our hotel tonight just after 10:00 and spent 1.5 hours with us giving us the highlights of the MTC, including who his companion will be, and that he will also be in the same Guatemala mission as him and they will travel to Guatemala together.  We also learned that his p-day is Tuesday (so that is when I can expect my first email) and what his schedule would be and they gave us their phone number so that if I am ever concerned or need to get anything to Tanner, they will do it. What a comfort! There are over 60 branches in the MTC, all consisting of 3-5 districts of approx. 12 missionaries each. What are the chances that Tanner went to them. Tender mercies for sure!

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  1. Grampa and Gramma HopkinsApril 27, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    The Lord does look after His missionaries for sure!!!!