Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dinner Out

Dinner out
The Ruiz family from our ward had all 5 boys going to spanish speaking missions over for dinner one night and they cooked native food from Equador, where Sister Ruiz served her mission and where Brother Ruiz is from.  They invited their two nephews over, one of them, Zack Blaszczyk 
had just returned home from his Guatemala South Mission just 6 days before!  The other nephew had served his mission in Argentina, where Kent and Tyler, two of Tanner's friends are going.  They had slide shows of their missions as well, and it was a really great opportunity for Tanner to hear first hand what to expect and this helped him get really excited for his mission to Guatemala!  Thank you to the Ruiz family for providing such a valuable and informative evening for these boys!!

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