Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Week

Third last dinner out.....
Am I really still eating?
His last week:
Tanner has been trying to fit in as many fun things with friends as he can while his family is wanting to spend time with him too.     Everyone seems to want to take him for brunch, lunch, dinner, or munchies out.. He said he feels like a bear before Hybernation, as all he is doing is eating, and he said he feels like he has gained 10 pounds this week.  His mom wanted him to gain some weight before he left cause she thinks he will lose weight on his mission, and he doesn't have any extra to lose at this point!
For example, one day, he went out for lunch with his Dad, then since he didn't have another lunch day to spare, he picked up his Sister from school and they went out for a snack and had yam fries, mini burgers and a chocolate souffle at a restaurant.  Then he comes home to where his Mom has made one of his favorites meals, curried chicken and Cheescake for dessert, which he ate, and then he went out with a bunch of buddies for Chicken wings that night.  He rolled home later and said he has been eating SOO much!!
He had a bunch of friends over one night to watch movies, and then went to Banff one day with a bunch of friends to the Hot Springs.

Tanner:  Joey Tomatoes (2 x); Cora's; Montana's, Symon Valley Ranch (wings); McDonald's; (2 x); Opa; Pfanntastic Pancake Haus; Namskar; ......

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