Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sacrament Meeting - Tanner's Farewell

The Men's Chorus (l to r: Tyler Henry; Tyler Gedlaman; Kent Harker; Tanner Hopkins; Stephen Crane) - all five called to serve in Spanish speaking missions! (photo from Serena Gedlaman)

Tuscany Ward
April 10, 2011

President Miller was presiding.
Brother Jim Redd was conducting the service.
Chorister: Sister Megain Comin
Organist: Sister Sheila Rhodes (Tanner's grandma)

Opening Hymn #270:  "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"
Invocation: Sister Sherwood
Sacrament Hynm #193:  "I Stand All Amazed"
Youth Speaker: Brother Ryan Young on reading the scriptures
Special Musical Number: Priests with Members of the Bishopric and the YM leader  - "Called to Serve"
Speaker:  Sister Kyla Maertz on Agency
Special Musical Number: Men's Chorus (Tanner and friends) "Come Come Ye Saints" (2nd Verse in Spanish and NO 4th Verse)
Speaker: Brother Tanner Hopkins
Closing Hymn #152: "God Be with You Till We Meet Again"


Tanner's Talk

Tanner started by mentioning that he hoped that in a couple of months he would know what they just sang in Spanish. Also that he had brought his glasses so he could see ALL the family and friends (we filled the chapel and more) that came to support him and he couldn't think of a better congregation to give his talk to. His topic was  to talk about what shaped him and brought him to this day. He listed the following:
1.  For the Strength of Youth pamphlet of standards and counsel (how it helped him know to go to his Priesthood class instead of "McPriesthood".)
2. Duty to God Pamphlets with goals and accomplishments during his time in the Young Men's program
3. Scouthing and Young Men programs - especially his experience climbing Chief Mountain
4. The Examples of Others - he shared stories of Alma with King Lamoni, a story from the July, 2000 Ensign of a young woman who didn't have any other youth in the program in her ward but shared the For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet with her friends and was an example to them.  The story of when Tanner was at EFY and how a plan with friends to skip out on the afternoon sessions was changed by one person first being an example and planning to attend. Also the story (originally by John W.Schlatter from Chicken Soup of the Soul and adapted to be about Kyle)  of the boy who dropped his armful of books and the young man who befriended him and only found out years later when graduating of the great impact his simple act of friendship had meant for a boy who had intended to kill himself that weekend and had cleaned out his locker at school.
Tanner closed with his testimony and that he was "excited and nervous" to be going to serve in Guatemala.

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