Thursday, April 21, 2011

Open House - April 16

A Best Bud -  Parker

Past seminary teacher - Sister Lonsdale
Past seminary teacher - Brother Lefler
Wow - a lot of people came!

A busy day - after getting back home from the trip to Cardston in the a.m., another countdown event was held. Tanner has a lot of friends!! We kept the open house just for friends and ward members, as we had all the family over on the previous Sunday after his farewell talk.  We had approx. 130 people come through our home this evening, and it was standing room only at one point!   Some people walked in, said hi to tanner and left and never even made it over to the food table, cause it was just too crowded.  We appreciate all the love and support that so many people show Tanner and our family.  After the open house, a lot of friends stayed and watched movies.. I think the last of them cleared out about 1:00 a.m.  Tanner is a major Dr. Pepper fan, so he filled one of our large water spout jugs with just Dr. Pepper for everyone!  It was a real hit.  Tanner made the stickers for the glass bottle at work before he left.

My first love...

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