Thursday, November 15, 2012

two men, one donkey, and one motorcyle! Fantastic!

November 13, 2012

Hey Familyyyy

So, I'm not dead, don't you worry, yes as you heard there was an earthquake. We were sitting inour 3rd story house studying, and it started to shake, but it always shakes a little bit from big trucks that pass by, but the shaking didn't stop, and it was really strong,,, the fridge was like wobbling like crazy too, so we went and stood under one of the strong arches in our house, until it passed, it was only like 10 seconds maybe, but yea, it was quite strong, apparently a house about 20 minutes nearby fell down, but there were no injuries where I'm at. I've felt lots of little earthquakes while here, but nothing so strong. it was kinda cool. ha.

Oh poor danny, I'd be lost as well, and I will be,, haha,, thats great that Jesse will now be off, the time really does fly.
I'd be glad is brett was my nurse if i was ever in the hospital :)

This week was better than the last, we were able to use the members a lot while teaching,, but only 4 people came to church, we were hoping double, its been a little tougher, i didn't have any baptisms this change, which is a bummer, but hopefully we'll make up for it this next change.
Tomorrow i receive my new companion, I will be a father again, whoohoo,, It'll be fun. Also I believe the limits of my district are changing, so i will be in charge of another area of Chimaltenango. We have to open a ton of areas as a mission, so we will be changing up the districts.

Here's a great part of my week, even though you might not believe me,. well you know how here, tons of people jump onto a motorcycle, well, my record was seeing 5 full grown ups on one motorcycle,, but this week, I saw something even better..... I saw... Two full grown men... and a.... DONKEY! Yes, there were two men and a donkey on a motorcycle, the one man had it straddled over his lap, obviously a younger donkey, maybe like 175 pounds, but yes, I saw it, fantastic!

Ill keep thinking about if i want you to come get me after the mission or not, I'll let you know one of these days, with a firm answer.

Well, I'm almost out of time already, I love you all very very much.
know that I am safe and well.
Sigan Elegantes. (keep elegant)
From Guatemala, with love,,
Elder Hopkins

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