Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Mission extended 2 weeks, What a Blessing!, sorry Mom

And really Mom this was after I gave half of them away. 

Picture taken today, with my new companion Elder Maldonado from Mexico
Contacting a bus

Elder Largaespada and me with Marcotulio

With the Familia "Q"

With Elder Horrocks who just went home
 November 20, 2012

Hey Family.

So awesome that Tyler Johnson got his call!! I'm im glad he's excited, and tell him its alright, we will see each other in 2 years from now, and we will still love each other the same, tell him congratulations, and i wish all the best for him, the mission will be awesome for him.

I didn't see any more farm animals on motorcycles, but it has gotten a lot colder here this week, I've started to sleep in sweatpants and a sweater as well as all my blankets, but we went to a second hand clothes store yesterday and got some warm clothes. But, right when it started to get cold, I got your package of slippers and hot chocolate! so that has been absolutely fantastic. I love it. also I got the package from grandma, and enjoyed all the goodies in it. I'm so blessed to have such a loving family.
 I just took out some money to have some extra, also yesterday i bought some Christmas decorations on my card so well have to pay that off too.
So yes, i got a new companion, a newbie from Mexico, another mexican!, only Americans, honduraños and mexicanos so far, cool stuff. His name is Elder Maldonado, Cesar Maldonado, close to the gulf of mexico, and like 4 hours south of Texas he lives.He's been a good companion so far, we're getting along great.
The Lord has really blessed us as well, this week was the best week I've had in this area so far. We had 10 investigators in church, and they all really liked it. We've been finding really positive investigators too.

Here's a cool experience about endurnig to the end. We needed 1 more new investigator to complete the goal of the week, it was sunday night, we had an appointment planned for 8:00, when we were going to find new investigators, and we got there, he wasnt home, but the daughter said to come back in like a half hour, so we went to see if another investigator was home, then came back, he wasn't home yet, it was 8:30, and we were 15 minutes far from our house, we were a little disappointed, but decided to knock a few doors more, the first door we knocked on, a boy answered and then called his mom, we shared a small message and asked to enter to share more, then she asked us if we prayed, and we said of course, she said, we are experiencing difficult times and problems in my family, can you pray for us? yes of coarse. we entered and got to know the family, the husband used to be great friends with the missionaries, his sister is a member, his 17 year old daughter just got pregnant, and the boy doesn't want to show his face to the family, the whole family was really devastated. We shared about repentance and forgiveness, and their hopes were lifted. we're going back tonight at 8:00. it was a great blessing of the Lord. The results are finally coming.

Tell Grandpa Trampoline and Nanny Tina that I wish them all the best luck on their mission, its going to be a great experience. They will love it. Tell them I love them and that i say, Que les vaya bien.

So I also have somewhat big good news as well. I'm going to be staying in Guatemala serving 2 weeks longer than we expected, my release date has been moved to the 15th of May. What a blessing. Also we will have the blessing of being able to speak to each other on the telephone on Mothers day. One more phone call home on the mission! sorry mom! ha. With all the changes in the Mtc´s the mission change date has been moved back 2 weeks. This change will be only 5 weeks to accommodate Christmas, and the next change will be 9 weeks.

So I was thinking that you should just come and pick me up in Guatemala after the mish. make it 3 weeks longer, why not. We can pasear a little bit together, conocer the country and my converts. awesome. Since I'm not going to have to speak on mothers day anymore for my homecoming talk, it will be perfect.

Also next week i am going to be writing on MONDAY, so send me my email before, so I have something to read.

My pictures I sent are me contacting a bus, me and elder Largaespada with Marcotulio, and the familia Quelex. Me and Elder Horrocks, who just went home, me and all my chapstick, and really mom, i had double this before, but i gave alot away haha.
And me and my companion just now, we took the picture after district meeting,

oh, also my district is different now, since they opened a new area in the zone, its just my area, and another, 2 companionships, and the other Elders are my old Zone leader and good friend Elder Tanner, and Elder Mcmillan, also a brand new missionary that Elder Tanner is training for his last 2 changes. So its fun to be back together.

Well, I love you all so much! I think next monday or tuesday its Rickys birthday, how old is my chucho now? who knows eh? give him a bone for me.

From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins.

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