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English Grammar getting worse!

Just a random ladder at the church

Sending Letters to family and friends back home

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April 17, 2012
As a side note from his Mom:
It will be Tanner's hump day in just over a week, and as he has been on his mission for a full year now, his english grammar has gotten worse and worse in each letter.  His only English speaking companion was for the first 3 weeks in the field.  Ever since that time, he has had companions from Honduras that speak little or no English.  It is apparent in his emails that he is forgetting how to spell, and although some of his poor typing is a result of lack of time on the computer, he was always a pretty good speller and had pretty good grammar, so I can really see how its deteriorated!  He probably has no idea!   I decided to post this last email from him without "tweaking" it like I usually do.  You can still make sense of it, it just takes a little more work!  He also is staying put again this change, with the same companion since Jan. 25.. that is a long time in the same place with the same person, another 6 weeks for sure, which will be over 4 months together.

Hey Fammmmm!!
hows it going? good i hope.
thats fantastichearing about all these people getting ready for their missions! they wont want to come home! especially if thier mom,like mine, is telling them about all the engagements of everyone they know and reminding them that when they get back their next goal wll be finding a wife. I do not ever want to think of that. maybe i can get my mission extended to three years...

if you could send me the mission adress of kyl christionson that would be great. hes my friend from efyfrom some timesago, iwent to hishouse in edmonton and stayed the night there when i took my friend Pamela Anderson to her grad a fewyears ago.

Well the clean chicken killin teqniqe is holding thierbody down, get your comp to pull on the head, and just cut it off quickwith a knife whileholding thier jerking bodydown for like 3 minutes. and thats how its done.

Oh yes, they phoned us for changes the other day, we call tranfers changes down here in this mission, butme and my companion are both staying, that will be 3 changes together withhim, the longest so far. im alrightabout it, we are doing good together, and we have some people we got to baptise together before we get changed.

unfortunately i was not home when you discovered the sweetpotatoe fries and sauce from coscto, which iam sad about right now, cuz i love them! They do not exist here, ive mentioned them to my companions and other latinos a few imes, and whent hey hear freanch fries out of yams, they think im LOCO. they dont even sell yams anywhere here, ive looked to make my own, but no luck haha.

This week we had a great activity, where we ¨were on an airplane¨then we die and go on a tour of the plan of salvation. it was great. They didnt tell us that we were going to have a hawaian lua like they did at that one youth activity we had, so i didnt get mad. im still a little sour about that activity we had so long ago, but this activity was a sucess, so it healed my feelings about this kinf od acivity. We actually Broguht 16 investigators to the activity, it was fantastic, the bishop was so happy asnd impressed that we brought 16 people ourselves. We broght more people than all of the people the members brought combined. i sent some pictures of the activity.

We did find a bunch of people this week that seemreally positive, thathave come to church 2 times already, so we should be baptising some people in may or maybe the end of april if were lucky.

We had ward conference this sunday, and the stake president shared alesson afterwars,wherewe watched a few videos from the church website. the church is coming out with a bunch of really cool videos. we watched one of a black man in england abouthis testimony of the book of mormon, which was super sper cool. i cant wait till i can spand the day loooking at allof these coolv ideos of the church in two years when i end mymission.

I was thinking the other day as some recent converts werebearing their testimony about family home evengings, and i was thinking, i don't know if your guys are doing them right now, but i have seen the great power o them thoughoutmy mission, and i ask that youguys do them with madison, and grandma maybe, and if samewould ever want to come i yooa fun activity, i donno, it was ust something i was thinking about.

also if you could send me my line of Authority of the melquesdiqpriesthood, its something i dont havehere that i would like.

Wehad a greatlesson last night with the 2nd counselor of the bishopric present,whois also thedad ofthe stake president. This man is amazing, he basically has thebible mamorized, and also hes a phycologist, so the way he talks and teaches people,the way he ust plays withthier mindis amazing haha, it was so great. we taught the plan of savation to a man who attends adifferent church,who didnt believe in alot of the true doctine  Christ, but we taught thelesson really well, an were able to answer all his questions and doubts really well with this man present. The investigatoris a friend of a member so we had alittle family ome evening lesson in his house all together. Staticwise, having lessons with investigators in the houses of members increases baptismpossibilities to 1 in 3, while finding an investigator byknocking on doors and teaching them by yourself that will be baptised, is about 1 person in every 1000 doors thatyouknok o or something wewere toldby one of the 70s here.

well my pictes that i sent are of the activity we had, we went around and explained everything dressed in white like angles. just a wheel chair wewere playing with, my district my zone, some ladder thing thatwas atthe church, ad a whole bunchf letters i wrotein response to letters ive recieved haha, its an investment of time really, but it didnt take too long.

(I mentioned that his friend Tyler Henry who is in Argentina on his mission is able to wear a hat to keep him from getting sunburnt and sunstroke), his response was:
thats awesome, we cant wear hats, plus right now its rainy haha, and i always try to walk in the shade. id like to see a picture with him and his hat haha. you just gotta drink lots of water and wear sunscreen. well the rainy season starts at the beginning of may basically, but it has raned a coupletimes already and there have been lots of clouds.

well,thats all for this week, love you guys!!
tu hijo, y hermano, (your son and brother)
Elder Hopkins

The activity he talks about

My District

My Zone

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