Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So Happy to get his birthday Banner!

 I loved the birthday banner! I couldn't stop smiling when I opened that up, I was so happy haha
February 22, 2012
Hey familyyyy!

Sorry i didn't email yesterday, we had interviews, i forgot to tell you that last week.
I'll answer your questions first...
Alberto is still coming to church and hasn't smoked or anything. He's great. He got ordained to the Aaronic priesthood on sunday to the office of priest.
The other guy did not get baptized. In fact we can't find him. He started working in another part of the capital and apparently doesn't come home until the weekends. He spent the day sunday with his member brother, but they didn't go to church. We are trying to find him and hopefully hell get baptized in March.
We are teaching a few people right now, but none are progressing. theres a family called the familia “C” that are very nice and like us coming, and read the book of mormon and everything, but they haven't come to church yet, as they have a lot of family events on sundays, in another part of the capital. We are working on that challenge of theirs. Another Family, that isn't married, and the wife doesn't want to marry her partner, because apparently in the past he cheated, and he doesn't want to admit that he was wrong. They either have to get married, or separate to stop living in sin. They have two young daughters. We're not too sure whats gonna happen with them yet. Theres others too that we are teaching, but their not all super positive yet.
My companions name is Bryon Pineda. Our cook makes good food. Its all basically the same stuff. some salad, rice, a meat, a tortilla. but its good.
Our house is 2 floors, and only one staircase, i just took a picture of it from different angles i think. My comp in the one that always puts the fan on at night, i don't really care about having it on or not, its not too too hot at night, but hot during the day. I'm fine and healthy, don't worry about that.
Tell Dad he needs to take a break and go skiing. He's gotta live a balanced life. and Madi, I hope you know I'm taking back all the clothes you steal from me after my mission. haha. thats my favorite jacket that your wearing in the picture! ya goof. Remember not to get too caught up with the highschool life, and remember who you really are. Always keep the commandments, and hang out lots with the member kids! they're good kids! Remember the Scripture Mosiah 2:41. True happiness is found by keeping all the commandments, and being strong and active in the church.
But yes i did get my Birthday box yesterday!! whoooo!! it was so so awesome!
I loved the birthday banner! I couldn't stop smiling when I opened that up, I was so happy haha. I hung it up too, see the attached photo. Thanks so much for everything.

and thats basically my week.
Tell Madi I think her haircut is pretty cool, and tell her to always remember to keep it classy. just be yourself, don't worry about what the world thinks is cool, keep it classy to the standards of God.
i donno, i cant think of a cool word to use there that not a spanish word. Let Madi know I love her lots! text her right now and say it!
love ya mom, also everyone always says that you look so young and like a model when people see pictures of you. ha.
but love ya all tons!!

until next time,
Love Elder Tanner Hopkins (Elder T-HOPS)
 This is the chicken that I killed last week, it was pretty tasty!
 Me and Elder Daniel from Georgia.  We bought an ice cream cone with a hot donut on top, it sounded like a good idea, until the ice cream started to melt rapidly
This is our cook, it was her birthday, so we bought her a cake
Thanks to Gramma and Grampa H for this birthday gift
We were contacting a door, and then out of nowhere, this man came around the corner with a herd of goats, in the city, so we took a picture with him!

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