Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 7: Learning, learning, learning

June 15, 2011


yeah that sounds good about the cd thing. so you sent me just the speakers so far right? no cds or cd player? haha i will look forward to getting those. thank you for doing this. i look forward to the dr pepper too. the north mission here has a rule that they cant drink any dark soda, and they specifically said dr pepper as well, hopefully that wont be the case for my mission haha. i know this cuz the old north americans left last week but they had to come back to stay a night in the hotel beside us before going to their areas, so we talked to them. thats funny about meeting up for lunch with elder davis' mom. (when in phoenix) he's sitting right beside me and i told him and we both kinda laughed.

ummmm I'm good. I get better and better every day at spanish, still along ways to go, but I'm feeling more and more comfortable. I won't be fluent by the time I enter the field by any means, but I should be able to communicate alright. My health is good, my body is used to the food here in the ccm at least. sometimes we have nachos for breakfast, sometimes hotdogs, and almost always black beans. And one time we had little pancake balls as part of our dinner. the other night they tried to make some sort of a chinese stirfry... they need to stick with making food from their own culture. The weather is good. we're inside almost all day though, it rains at least a bit everyday since its turning into rainy season. ummm i havn't had too many crazy experiences, since everyday is almost the same here in the ccm. just learning learning learning. We had a new group of latinos and north americans come in last week. they're good. one of the north americans knows Laura Payne from BYU. Thats sweet that ben kearl wrote me a letter hahaha. i look forward to that one. yeah probably sending stuff to my mission home will be best now. and for the rest of my mission. If you wanna take off the other address from my blog. That would make it easier. I'd hate for someone to send something to me and me not get it. I sent some letters back home last week so hopefully everyone will get them eventually at least.

Its crazy that i only have two more weeks here. I hope all the advice Sam Turner has told me is true cuz if it is I'm about to start something awesome, way better than the MTC. It's weird to me that those guys are already half done their missions. Time flies i guess. but also kinda moves so slow.  Ummmm i don't know what else to tell you. The weeks aren't all too different from week to week here. Once I'm in the field I'm sure my emails will be a lot more exciting. Well its just about time for me to sign off. Time for me to go have my weekly nap. Thats one of the best things of pday. last week I didn't have a nap cuz i was writing letters, but i ended up falling asleep for a few moments in the temple. whoops. So hard to stay awake sometimes. oh well, in two years I'll be able to get some rest. There's not much time to on a mission.

(oh yeah, most of the latinos have trouble saying my name, so it looks like for the majority of the next two years i will be Elder Hawshkins.)

Love you all. take care. God bless. Love Elder Hopkins.

Tanner's mom:
I emailed Tanner and told him there was a postal strike right now and this was his response:

bahaha what the heck? serious? that's so dumb. that's the worst news a missionary can hear!

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