Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 6 - Letter a Day Early!

June 7th – Tuesday
Hola Madre
I get to email today this week. i think i also get to chech my email tomorrow cuz most people, like myself don't get email until closer to when they can email. But I get to email today cuz its kinda like my pday today. All the People in the CCM have left except our north American group. Another three weeks for us. We get new latinos and another north American group tomorrow. But today we got to go on a field trip! It was pretty sweet.

The first thing we did was go to this giant relief map of the entire country of Guatemala. it has the whole landscape of the country to scale. it was really cool. each mountain was like 6 feet tall so you can imagine how big the entire country would have been. President Rogers, not the president of the mtc but he works here for a mission, came with us and he kind of went over the whole Book of Mormon with us and saying where a lot of the stuff probably took place. It was pretty cool. A lot of mormon professors and archeologists think that here in Guatemala is where almost all of the Book of Mormon took place. The people here are the Lamanites. Thats why alot of them accept the Book of Mormon so easily, because it was written FOR them. They don't need to be convinced like the jews and gentiles like the introduction of the Book of Mormon says. Anyways... after the relief map we went to a multi story market. It was really cool. so many little shops to go bargain at just like most latino countries. I bought a tie that is the same material, and same pattern as the scripture cases and bag that i bought before. I'm glad i knew enough spanish to ask her if she had any more colours cuz the one that matched my scriptures and bag wasn't on display. I also bought a little colourful bag that i can put my camera in, and i found some thread that i should be able to fix my pants with. Its really thick but i think it will work decently. maybe won't look that great, but who cares, i have no one to impress.

Also i bought a glass bottle coke at the market. It was heaven pouring down my throat. also i tried this really weird kind of fruit that looked like a orange almost sea urchin looking thing. It was good, I cant remember what its called though. Also this morning i met the Assistants to the Presidents for the south mission. He said he knows Carly Ruiz's cousin, I can't remember what his name is right now though ha. ummm after the market we went to a a museum about the ruins here, which some of it was actually built under a pyramid, but it just looks like a random grass covered hill. also the museum was right beside a really modern mall that we went too. It was as nice as any mall i have ever been too. similar to Cross Iron Mills Mall, but like 3 levels. I didn't buy anything there though, even though i wanted to get a Guatemalan soccer jersey, but it was kinda expensive, and i can wait and get one some other time in the next 2 years.  At the mall i ate MCDONALDS! it was pretty delicious of coarse. and i bought 2 bottles of coke that i brought back here to the ccm. Ive heard from all the teachers that they have Dr. Pepper here but i didn't see any at the mall. It was a pretty awesome day. There were so many things i would have bought at the market if i was close to leaving, but i don't wanna carry stuff around for 2 years. i might have to buy you guys some stuff and send a box home to you.

Oh and about things that i want sent to me... would you be able to put a whole bunch of church music on my ipod and send it to me? and also buy me one of those little speakers that you just plug in the headphone jack? that would be awesome. and also the cords that i need to charge them. And not just like motab, but like cds of church hymns done with like acoustic guitars and stuff like that. maybe some efy stuff, but there was an elder here that had like kinda folky acoustic hymns on his ipod. that would be awesome. i dont think you'll have time to do that for the package your planning to send right away from Phoenix, but after you have time to put a whole bunch of that stuff on my ipod. also for this next package can you send me some hand sanitizer? and some of those black socks? that would be greatly appreciated.

Just the Other day i recieved letters from Grandma Rhodes, Grandma and Grandpa Hopkins, and KatiAnne! it was so awesome to get those letters! and even one from a friend! haha ummmmm what else do i have to tell you... Well one of the Elders that was in our zone that just left to the north mission is/was a pro skateboarder. sponsoerd by a whole bunch of companies. Jake Asdel is his name. he actually brought a skateboard with him and was doing pretty sick tricks just in his room, in his church clothes and church shoes. it was pretty funny. ummmm i took lots of pictures today but i cant send them to you on these computers. maybe one of these days i will mail you my memory card. oh also about mail... do you know what kind of stamps i use to send letters home from here? im the only Canadian but all the Americans just use American stamps. I'm thinking maybe those american international stamps you bought me will work. can you find that out for me? and then also send me a whole bunch of stamps in the package you sent me? i have two i think but im kinda nervous to risk sending it with those if i don't know they will work. Like i said i can check my emails tomorrow so don't hesitate to write as much as you want cuz ive already told you everything about this week so i wont really have much to say, so ill have alot of time to read. Hope everyone had fun at the grad party and are excited and happy to finish high school! haha also a staff member here comes every week and sells ties, so today i bought 5 sweet ones, 2 burburry, and a georgio armani. fake of coarse, but still pretty sweet. i might send dad one of them unless i decide i like it too much, but there is a pretty good chance. well my time is up.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! take care, have fun, Love Elder Tanner Hopkins

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