Tuesday, February 12, 2013

11 baptisms as a zone, 9 are from my district!

My District

February 12, 2013

Hey heyyy.

wow, flights are already being booked. puchis.
yeah, sounds good to me. book em

Its always so great to hear from my awesome loving family.

This month we have the goal to have a great retencion rate, or that all the recent converts go to church, so yesterday we went with  some members and had a family home evening with a family that needs more friendship and a pick me up, it was great. Made me miss our awesome Family home evenings, sitting out there in the garage, all on the couch, watching 24, eating popcorn, pickles, and whatever. great times. Maybe they weren't always the most spiritual family home evenings, but i sure enjoyed them.

Thanks for signing me up for a run,ha. looks like I'm going to have to start training? maybe i'll have to go running in the morning. The other week i did divisions with Elder Tanner, and we got up early and ran about 1.5 K. but man, i was dying. I know im walking about 10-20 k a day, mas o menos, but man, running sure in different. i need to get into running shape haha. but it sounds like it'll be fun. what is the date of this run?

Well, this last week was really hard to be honest, but don't you worry, we're safe and healthy and we've already started a new better week. The one great thing about last week is that we put a for sure baptismal date with "RR". his wife didn't want to accept it, but we'll see what happens. This sunday will be his Baptism, and it will be my last sunday in this area its looking like. Changes are in one week.

We had interviews with President Brough this morning, they were good, he said that i wasn't going to be in a trio anymore, but i really have no idea where i will be going and what I'll be doing. Next week I'll tell ya. I think we will be writing on Wednesday next week.

Oh ya, i wanted to ask you guys i you've ever heard of the company Pull&Bear. Ive been seeing tons of it here, they always make knock offs of cool companies here, but i've never heard of this one before.

So yeah, happy valentines day this week, i wont be doing anything special for it,thats for sure. maybe next year, if my luck is good.

I had a dream about parker steele the other night haha. it was funny. but the scary thing is that i could possibly be married before he gets home, well, at least thats the next step i gotta take, but we'll see, i hear you've gatta have a girlfriend before the marriage thing, so it might be a little bit difficult for me.

so is the baptism record you set at the temple, a record for the temple, for alberta, for  canada, or for the world?? fill me in on that. it doesn't quite do it for me just calling it a record.

so the picture i sent you is of me and my district. were doing great right now as a district. There are five districts in the zone, and of the 11 baptismal dates as a zone, 9 of them are from my district. Pilasssssss

so yeah i don't really know what else to tell you guys, keep classy, be obedient, God protects the obedient.

oh yeah, so we taught a pastor this week, we had alot of encounters with pastors this week, but it was funny cuz he was trying to preach to us during the lesson and were just like, por favor, were teaching here. and we were talking about authority, and then i shared with his in Acts 16 or 6 i think it is, where Esteban, or steven in english? receives the priesthood for the laying on of hands, and then we explained it really well, and then he just sat there quiet the rest of the lesson, yeah, we confused the wicked, it was funny, but then i asked him to say the last prayer, which was super funny, we knelt down, and he was also with two ladies who were from his church, but they all just started to yell and shout, Jesus, forgive us, Lord Jesus, you are the greatest, and just random stuff like that, but they were so intense into it, i was just dying laughing with my head in my lap. evangelicals just pray like that here, they yell and scream, and they even cry and are bawling in their prayers, all at the same time, and just say random things. and there were some girls in the backroom who were like what the heck is happening, and they ran and were peeking through the door, and i saw them and just put my finger to my lips and whispered, be quiet, we're praying. it was soooo funny, we just left dying of laughter.

fun experiences. and more that i'll tell you about after the mish ha.

Well, I love you all.
From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins xoxoxoxo

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