Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Flea bites, Can I still speak English?

 I bought this little Christmas Tree for our house, and I decorated it.  I tried to match my tie with the ornaments for a nice picture, no homo.  Also, I spent a good half an hour of my pday yesterday making these popcorn string decorations, by myself, how depressing ha ha, joking, it was awesome!

A ward Activity we had, this is the cast of the Nativity

December 20, 2011
Chat between us today by email:
Tanner - I will call you Sunday morning, or you can try to call me. My phone number is XXXXXX, If the phones are really busy because of the holiday and we can't connect, I will try again Sunday night. We are one hour ahead of you guys in time.

Mom – ok, since I know you aren't home, I will try your home phone right now to see if I can connect. Yes, I just tried your phone, to see if I got through, and I got some ladies voice on a message, of course I couldn't understand any of it cause it was all in spanish, so I just hung up. Is that your phone?

Tanner - yeah that woman's voice is just a robot, but thats my phone. ha. cool

Letter to us:
Hey heyy. ill try to write a quick one today.

Its going to be so weird to talk to you guys on sunday! i had a dream the other night that i was trying to say something at the counter at Mcdonalds, and i was trying to saying it in english, but i just couldn't, then the lady was like, okay, just say it in spanish, and then i could say it easily haha. hopefully our conversation won't be like that.

Thats awesome that my friends got their wisdom teeth out, also it sucks cuz the week or so after i got mine out suckeddd. awesome that there close to getting their papers in. think about it, a year ago right now we we waiting for my call to arrive in the mail box!

i didn't get your packages yet, but i get all of them on Christmas Eve, when santa clause comes, or at least when i go to the zone leaders house to pick them up.

My health is good, nothing wrong there. but i do have a couple flee bites right now which sucks!! so itchy!

We had a ward activity the other day for Christmas, and a bunch of investigators came. also a thing you should know, is that a lot of people think its really bad to Dance, cuz it says it somewhere in the bible, so a lot of people think its super bad because they don't listen to the living prophets. but after we had a little nativity presentation, the relief society started to do this really weird dance thing, and they were calling everyone up to come dance with them. Basically it was really awkward with this investigator family there. we were just like oh crap oh crap... we still havn't had a lesson with them since the activity, so we're just hoping they're going to want to continue to listen to us... ha.

Hey so thats all I'll write this week. I Love you all!! I'll talk to you soon! crazy! i can actually say that and have it actually mean TALK and not just WRITE.

Explanation of pictures:  (put under each one)

Les amo con todo mi corazon. ya lo saben.
Nos hablaremos domingo! Hasta entonces! (I love you with all my heart you know, we will talk on Sunday, until then!)

From Guatemala, With love,
Elder Tanner Hopkins
A really really nice Guatemalan house that I came across with such nice lights, so I had to take a picture!

Devil Pinatas from December 7th, Quema del diablo day, or burn the devil day.. Basically people blow up these devils with fireworks and this night all you could hear were firecrackers, and there were fires in the streets everywhere, and smoke everywhere!  Crazy Guatemalans!

A really cool Christmas tree that a member family has in their house here.  I hadn't ever seen a christmas tree like that before.
There is a big parade here numerous times a week, of people carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary.  It happens very very often here, and I have to pass one of these parades all the time, cause it happens like 3 times a week, by different church groups.  Someone needs to read them the 10 commandments.

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