Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy to be Staying Put!

The house of an investigator all decked out!

Hey FAmmm
(I sent Tanner a picture of the progress on the Calgary Temple)
The temple is looking great! On sunday we went and watched a broadcast of the Quetzaltenango Temple dedication. It was great. It made me kinda sad that i wont get to see the Calgary Temple dedication, but at least I'll get to go in it!

Awesome that Johno is getting married, that crazyyy. tell him i say way to go! yeah i kinda know the sister of his fiance, I've actually been to their house in Raymond a couple times ha.

So thank goodness, cuz im not getting changed! I wanted to stay in this area a little longer, and with my comp Elder Mejia. So we are staying together for another change. My first comp for more than a change. Also still don't know anything about the Christmas phone call. sorry. Its going to be weird to talk to you guyss. It'll make me baggy ha, theres mixed feelings in the mission about phone calls home.

Crazy that Tyson is almost home, and same with Brett. CRAZY.

well i don't really know what to tell ya, cuz i just emailed you a few days ago. on the way to Antigua this morning i heard a new Katy Perry song on the bus, friday night or something, so that was kinda cool. But things are going good, I found some egg nogg in the store here yesterday, on pday. I drank 2 big glassees before going back out to work. let me just say, bad decision. We shortly had to wave down a tuctuc and tuctuced it back to the house. But i was safe. and everythings fine now. ha.

Until Next week Family!
love you all!
God Bless!
Love, Elder Hopkins
hey i was wondering if you could send me some missionaries addresses, maybe you can find them on facebook.
Tanner Steed.
Carson Steward
and anyone else you can see that is on a mission, i donno, i forget who else of my friends have left, and some have left and I don't know where they are.
i don't know, see what you can do haha
Love ya! -Tanner
                                                                     At the Temple
Having some fun in the bamboo

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