Friday, December 9, 2011

An English Lesson ends with a challenge for Baptism

December 9, 2011
Hey Familyyyy

My old Comps first name was Samuel. No we do not have a cleaning lady. thats kinda sweet that those missionaries do. i think i heard about that too. I think they're the only ones in the mission that do haha. They must not like cleaning and searched for a cleaning lady instead. Its hard to find time to actually do a good cleaning. yeah at that store i bought a little christmas banner, a few christmas lights, and a hat. ha.
haha thats funny that Zachs way up in northern Saskatchewan in the middle of nowhere. He'll be great. I love that guy. I got a letter from Parker the other day and i was laughing almost the whole time i read it ha. i love that guy too. Awesome that him and Jesse are getting their wisdom teeth out in preparation for the mish. I hope all these guys get on it asap and send in their paper THE DAY that they can.

So i was completely wrong.... nobody special came to visit us at our Christmas activity, nonetheless, it was extremely spiritual and motivating. We watched the movie 17 Miracles, and then President Brough spoke to us about Jesus Christ, the things he went through. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. We have a Goal of baptizing 204 people as a mission in January, which if you look at the mission stats from a while ago, its a very high number. But i know that the Lord can perform miracles. And I know if we work hard we can do it. He motivated us for completing this goal. After Dinner yesterday we started a fast, and this morning we entered the temple, while fasting for this goal. It was a great time, and a great experience. ps we woke up at 4 in the morning to be able to go to the temple. aka im tired and hungry ha. But if you have not seen the movie 17 miracles, on saturday go and buy it, and watch it together on sunday or something. its such a great movie, i love the history of the church! and even if you have seen it, go buy it, cuz i want to have this movie when i come home ha.

But as for me, my companion, and my area, we are looking fairly good right now, better than we have in the past. we have found some people that are PILAS! i guess you could say pilas means awesome or something like that. One Lady Told us she was going to do all she can to be able to come to church with us next weekend, we didn't even have to ask her! but this week there is no church, because its the temple dedication, woohoo! One family we found from some members, but this girl is studying english, so she can be a secretary for an english company, so I've been helping a member, help her with english.(HA, me an english teacher, pfffft. i hope i don't make her fail her english tests.) but we went to her house the other day and taught her for the first time. it was kinda funny, cuz at the end of the lesson we challenged her to baptism (as we do with every first lesson, so they know our purpose) and she was like, well, when i was a baby i was baptized in the catholic church of my dad, and when i was nine i was baptized in the evangelical church of my mom, but i don't think i had any idea what i was doing back then. The member has talked with the rest of her family too and they have agreed to listen to us too, or to take the discussions, as the member said, but they aren't specific discussions anymore, like i think he still thinks they are. ha.
Also i got some Christmas Cards from the Gedlamans, the Harkers, the Mcphersons, Glenda Tagg and the beehives(i didn't know they moved into our ward. cool.) The Bishop, and the young men and women. I send out my Gratitude to all of them! make sure you tell them thank you for me! I think we get our packages and gifts on December 19.

I Hope Everyones great! i hope sam had an awesome 22nd Birthday. Maybe in 2 years we can get him those alligator boots he's always wanted for his birthday. there's people here that make em ha. I hope Madison is lovin life, keepin busy and havin fun. don't let boys give you problems! or girls for that matter. hey, why don't my siblings ever write me? ha. Hope Dad has a great skiing season, ill have to sit this one out, but I hope he rips it up without me this year. Hope your business is going good and your keepin on top of things.

well, i believe thats all for this week, i believe i will be writing you on tuesdays from now on, so don't be waiting by your computer on monday for my letter, cuz you'll get nothin. also i think i will be able to tell you if i have changes or not next week.
Also, no i havent gotten the packages yet, yeah i know you love me haha.
ill get it when i get it, don't you worry.
also no photos this week cuz i forgot my cord. ha. tell me when you get my memory card I sent.
Love you all tons, keep strong, keep yo heads up.
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder T A N N E R  H O P K I N S

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