Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 24: Setting big goals!

October 10, 2011 (Thanksgiving Monday)
Hola Familiaaa!
(Tanner asked for us to send him some pictures, so I asked him if he was feeling homesick at all)
No, I just asked for the pictures cuz we always put pictures on our agenda so i wanted some to put on, so i can show off my family, maybe relate to people that I'm a real person. Thats what a lot of missionaries here do.

How I track my computer time is yes, there is a timer, at some places the computer turns off after an hour, and some places you just gotta get off.  We always email as a district, so theres not really a problem with being obedient.

and yeah, the lightning lady died. We went over there to give them a Resurrection pamphlet, and the dead lady was lying there, and they were prepping here for the funeral with preservatives, and they had like a big cross and weird incense burning. It was kinda weird.

yeah me and my companion get along, sometimes we'll argue about something dumb, but you just gotta let it go cuz its not worth it. but yeah you just gotta be humble, and yeah we are getting along. i am happy, yes, I am happy I am on my mission, its sometimes hard, but sometimes i think, what  would i be doing if i wasn't here, haaa something not as good as this for sure.

the gas detector thing is fine, i talked to the president about it when he came over for house inspections the other day. we just turn of the gas when we aren't using it to cook. they might be changing all the mission houses to electric stoves, so they just gotta figure it out.

thats cool about the new dr pepper thing. (Dr. Pepper 10 in the States) I'm in Antigua right now and they sell dr pepper here, too bad i cant drink it.

hmmm this goall..... honestly i don't know if we'll be able to do it. the thing is, when i got to this area, they only had one person they were teaching, and this person is looking like she will be baptized maybe at the end of this month. usually every area has people that are at least progressing a little bit, but ours had none. so its hard to find a person, teach them everything, bring them to church 3 times, and baptize them all in the same month. the rule is they have to come to church three times, so only the people we bring to church this next sunday have the possibility of being baptized this month.

hmmm so one thing that happened this week is that my companion and I decided to set a big goal for ourselves because the day before we only had one lesson and found only 2 new people.  That night I wasn't feeling very good about it so my companion and I talked and decided to set a goal that the next day we would contact 100 people in a day,  Basically we didn't come close to the goal, but we did contact 40 people, and ended up having 6 lessons, and 4 of them were with new people. Today other missionaries were asking me, "how did you have 40 contacts in one day???" and then when they found out we had 6 lessons too they were like wowww haha. we are together with a bunch of other missionaries today because we were practicing a song to sing in zone conference tomorrow, and then later this month when a member of the 70 comes to talk to us.

well im sure there are a ton of grammar and spelling mistakes in this email cuz im really rushed today, but i love you all so much!! (I fixed them, yes there were a lot)!
love Elder Hopkins
Email to Madison his sister today
That sucks that my tree is gone! oh poverty... like all the houses i teach in here! i didn't know what poverty was before, but now i do. i have no idea what i wrote my speech on in grade 11, i never did like social ha.
well love you whole bunches! as grandma would say. i sent you a card last week. maybe it will get there in a couple weeks.
love you! byee 
Email to Grandparents Hopkins today
Thanks for the pictures grandma and grandpa! sure are pretty, and alot different from the volcanos here. i don't have to much time to write today, but i am starting to run low on those pages for my journal you gave me. was wondering if you could send me a new package of them. thank you love you tons!
Elder hopkins

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