Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 12: Giant Teddy Bears and the Bat Cave

With Volcan de Agua in the distance
July 18, 2011

first off I'd like to say that this has been a great email time so far haha. So much news! I guess the world really doesn't stay still while I'm gone haha. That'sweet about Zach getting his call and how he's positive about it. I wish he was going Spanish speaking haha but I know he will do great and have great experiences. Tell him I love him so so much! and that we need to write each other, now and when we are both in the field. And thats crazy about Kiki. tell her congratulations for me! That's so weird that people my age and that i grew up with are starting to get married! I don't know Claire's bf but we talked about him before I left. That's great though, shes a great girl, hopefully she's super happy. and i  kinda giggled when I read about Jesse and Cassidy y ¡como ellos chupan la piña en frente de personas! Tell Cassidy that I say she better not impede Jesse from going on a mission! haha
oh yes i know that boy that died. He lived beside Bishop Jones i think and we used to be good friends in elementary, but he got into drugs and bad stuff. that's too bad about his passing.  Oh, and lucky for Emily Kearl cause Logan's little brother is a cool guy, ha ha.

ummm I heard a ton of the missionaries here sleep in on p-day, but i never have, and i don't know if i will, it kinda seems like breaking the rules to me. oh also Mondays aren't actually my p-days, but we have district meeting and then email with our district right after, that's how this mission works, real p-days are on Tuesday. and by the way next week i think i will be emailing on Tuesday, not Monday cuz i have a meeting. yeah I'm happy, sure i have my sad moments but i need to be better on focusing completely on the work and not thinking about back home. Yes i pay the cocinera, our cook, Q.15 for each meal. one dollar is roughly Q.8.  The drink is a hot fake coffee drink that everyone here drinks and that they serve us, we are allowed to drink it.  For money, I get like Q.1470 a month and thats for transportation, food, emergency fund, fast offering, and things like that, so i try not to use my own card unless i really need to, cuz i might as well learn how to manage my money while im here.

You can pick a picture for my missionary plaque, doesn't really matter too much to me. and yes i am getting along perfectly fine with my companion. he is a good guy. ummm we do have a bunch of families that are progressing. we had 4 of those families at church. the familia Akijai is probably going to be baptized in August. We found them like a week ago I think. the dad is already a member, but has been completely inactive for 30 years. they are from the mountains, and  are native here so they're really short and round. kind of like giant teddy bears. They're a really nice family, and the mom speaks really slow which is awesome cuz i can understand mostly everything that she says.

oh and last week for p-day we went on a hike to a waterfall... turns out there was no waterfall, but there was this really big cave and there was thousands of bats flying around in it, it was cool. and there was a vine that we swung on that was cool. it was a pretty sweet p-day. There are some pictures I'll send to you of the cave. and and maybe of the vine if i have time. But i ended buying that mesh tank that reminds me of Jesse Kearl, that's why i got it haha, i wear it over my garments at night for pajamas haha but heres a picture of it, give jesse a copy of it haha, and the fruit I'm holding is liche. its like the stuff you can get at the bottom of bubble tea instead of tapioca balls.

well that's all the time i have for writing if i want to send you pictures.
love you all so so much, BASTANTE in fact.
love you
-Elder Hopkins

Note with pictures email.
here are some more pictures for you. there's a volcano that i can see form my area. volcano of water its called. or Volcan de Agua. and there the cave from p-day. and just a view of the town of Villa Hermosa from the top of the zone leaders house, cuz i went on splits with them. Elder Park, from Utah, he's a pretty cool guy. and i don't have time to send you anymore, but someday I'll send you the memory card maybe, or make copies of them all and put them on a disc. who knows, but that won't be for a while.

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